Let’s Talk Taxes

New to taxes or need some help? You’re in the right place! Unless you’ve just received a crisp check from the IRS with your federal tax return, then we’re assuming that the word “tax” can make you shudder at the mention. Paying taxes is something that U.S. citizens are required… read more

Should I Apply for Disability Insurance?

Questions to ask before applying for disability insurance… Hello and welcome back to Royal Oak Financial Group’s blog! Last week, we chatted about estate planning and some of the options that surround it. Today, we’re going to briefly chat about disability insurance, what it is, and who should consider applying… read more

A Brief Introduction to Estate Planning

A Brief and Comprehensive Guide to Estate Planning Whether we like it or not, aging is inevitable. With aging, unfortunately, comes the task of having to decide what to do with all of your property and belongings. Perhaps you want to pass your home off to your children or maybe… read more

Planning a Budget

Creating Your Monthly Budget Planner Hello everyone and welcome back to Royal Oak Financial’s blog about, you guessed it, finances! Today, since it’s the beginning of a brand new month, we’re going to chat about the notorious topic of budgeting! Unless you’re a super genius who could track all of… read more

Save Now, Retire Sooner

 Start Saving for Retirement when You’re Young Let’s assume you’re in your 20s. You’re still in the early stages of your career, making somewhere between $35k and $50k a year. Maybe you have student loans, maybe you don’t, but either way you probably don’t have too much money to just… read more

Why Hire an Accountant

Why Hire an Accountant for Yourself or for Your Business Having an accountant on hand, whether for personal finances or for your business, can save you the hassle of bookkeeping, budgeting, and filing taxes. Accountants are the backbone of most financial structures and an experienced one can lead to a… read more

Tackling Student Debt

Tips for Tackling Student Debt If you’ve searched for a job in the past few years or so, you’ve likely come across the startling realization of the few jobs that will consider applicants without a college degree. While education is important for quite a few reasons, receiving a college education in… read more