At Royal Oak Financial Group, we believe people should know as much as possible about their financial planning and money matters. An educated consumer is also an educated investor. This is why we offer a number of informational videos designed to provide information to those looking to learn more about investing, as well as retirement planning, insurance, and other financial matters.

Managing your finances well is not just paying the bills each month and having a savings account. In addition to these basics, it’s taking the time to gain knowledge about investing, retiring, financial planning, how tax preparation services help, and so on.

Knowledge is power – and knowing a bit more about investment banking and retirement planning matters, as well as insurance, Social Security, taxes and so on also helps you better understand. In addition, it gives you the confidence to make strong decisions that keep you and your family financially healthy throughou


The informational videos are grouped by topic, and include a short summary:

Protecting your assets from significant health and long-term care costs with appropriate investment products and legal documents.

Certificates of Deposit – or Certificates of Disappointment? Both scenarios are impacted by rising interest rates and by rising rates of inflation.

Your lifetime of assets provide the financial tools to help protect your future.

Preserving inherited wealth for your children – and their children!

Learn the rules surrounding Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) – generally these are 401(k) plans and IRAs.

While you must start taking RMDs at age 70-1/2 years, you can still strengthen the legacy to leave for heirs, if you don’t need those funds to cover monthly expenses.

Understanding the different types of investing mindsets and how it can affect your decisions.

Understanding Tax-Deferred Growth: Deferring taxes can be a strong investment decision and help your money make more money for your future.

Life Insurance: This can help cover expenses upon the policy holder’s death and also provide estate liquidity for the survivors.

Permanent Life Insurance: A financial strategy that offers a tax-free death benefit and tax-deferred cash value.

Combining Annuities: A creative way to generate income during retirement; for example, with fixed and deferred annuities.

Fixed Index Annuity: Offers a regular income, and no risk of losing the principal – even if the stock market tanks.

Diversified Retirement Income: More on fixed income annuities and a guaranteed income stream for life – a retirement-focused financial vehicle.

Retirement Planning for Women: Women generally survive their husbands by 15 years and may not have sufficient resources for those years on their own, especially if long-term care is needed.

Retirement Maximizer: There is a four (4) percent rule that suggests living on four percent of your portfolio’s principal so that you don’t run out of money in retirement.

Guaranteed Income in Retirement: Americans are living longer and with this increasing longevity, many have concerns that they will outlive their assets.

Downsizing for Retirement: Empty nesters and retirees may think it makes sense to downsize their home, hoping to simplify life, reduce monthly expenses and save money.

Retirement Destiny: People often spend more time planning a vacation than they do planning for retirement. Do you have a date and plan in mind?

Inflation Can Ruin Your Retirement: Many Baby Boomers are afraid they will run out of income during retirement because of inflation.