Our Certified Financial Planner… at your service

Matt Jehn is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and also the managing partner with Royal Oak Financial Group. The company is located in Columbus, Ohio and is a full-service investment, financial planning, and accounting firm. Our professional staff serves both consumers and businesses. Along with investment, retirement planning, and insurance products, we provide estate planning, accounting, tax services, and more.

Many clients at Royal Oak Financial Group are older adults who have just retired or will be retiring soon. They want to preserve and maintain their investment portfolio – and do not want their retirement planning fund to run out of money. Many clients also want help with legacy and estate planning and reaching investment goals they have set. These individuals turn to a certified financial planner for support and assistance, and our services and staff help with that.

We commit our best to you!

We customize services to the financial planning needs and goals of every client; therefore offering unique and individual solutions.

Whether you need accounting support and bookkeeping services or want to create a legacy through estate planning, we can help. Our skilled staff of financial advisors has the experience and expertise to meet your needs, as well as the desire to see you succeed. Because we build and maintain relationships, we can be your partner in reaching those financial planning and retirement goals.

We believe that… knowledge is power.

The best resource for the individual looking to create or change investment strategies is the advisor who “knows his stuff.” We do – and this is why!

  • Our knowledge and expertise helps each customer achieve his or her financial planning goals.
  • We have solid experience in the economic and age demographics of older adults.
  • We understand the complexities of investing as a retiree compared to investing as an employee.
  • Our calm voice of reason guides clients through tumultuous economic times as well as a less volatile economy.

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