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Investopedia defines investing as “The act of committing money or capital to an endeavor with the expectation of obtaining an additional income or profit.”

Simply put, you make investments in order to get more money out of it than you put in.

There are many different products, also called investment vehicles, that you can invest in. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, and real estate are just some of the options to put your hard-earned money into. Bear in mind that not every investment product is right for every investor – and that you want diversity in how you invest.

Deciding which investments work best for you can be confusing, especially since what works when you are 40 may not be the best product when you are 66 and retiring. To learn which investment strategies are going to be most beneficial based on your needs, a financial advisor at Royal Oak Financial Group can provide guidance and education to help you get started or make changes.

Our Take on Investments in Worthington, OH and Beyond

Whether planning and managing investments for the future or already retired and preserving retirement investments, your portfolio should grow. Your investment banking philosophy should be in line with your financial situation and life circumstances. Do you need to save for the kids’ college tuition and expenses? Do you expect that you will have to care for aging or ill parents? Are you still young with years ahead of you to work and invest – or are you a first-time investor at the age of 55? It’s these and other individual scenarios that should be strong considerations in your investment strategies.

At Royal Oak Financial Group, our Certified Financial Planner and team of investment banking advisors have your best interests at heart. We are more than your investment advisor – we partner with you to establish and reach financial goals. We build a relationship with each client based on trust and respect, and tailor investment strategies to every individual’s needs.

Our primary focus is to help you manage, grow and protect your accumulated savings, investments and other assets. We educate clients on the variety of investment products available and recommend those that are the most appropriate investment strategies for each individual. Our process includes developing a dynamic financial plan and a proper balance of investments to help clients achieve their financial goals in Worthington, OH.

When It’s Time for Change…

We also understand that our clients’ goals, financial status, and personal or family circumstances can change. This is why we regularly review your financial situation and investment portfolio, and make changes and/or adjustments to your investment strategies as needed. Many of our investment services are provided to individuals over the age of 60; we have the confidence and expertise to meet their unique financial needs.

Whether planning for retirement, education funding, or need guidance on estate planning, think of us as your partner and investment banking advocate, here to serve and help meet all your financial needs in Worthington, OH.

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