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Using the Balanced Formula, our team can tailor a package that meets your unique needs for financial planning.


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We all want balance. In our personal and professional lives, in our relationship, and as we get closer to retirement, we especially want balance in our financial portfolio and in our everyday finances.

We Help Create and Maintain That Balance

Royal Oak Financial Group developed and over the years has refined a proprietary system to help clients achieve their balance through a process called the Balanced Formula. This is a unique and effective mechanism designed to help clients achieve their individual financial goals, while securing a balanced future for their savings and other investments.

The Balanced Formula integrates considerations for wealth management such as risk tolerance and debt management, tax planning and philanthropic intentions, day-to-day expenses, dreams for life after retirement, and much more. This is achieved through talking with each individual client, listening to their plans and goals – and developing a customized plan using the Balanced Formula.

We understand that each individual’s goals and plans are unique, and that factors important to one may not be as important to another. We also understand that considerations related to wealth management are most likely not as relevant to that person at age 35 as they will be at age 55 or 60.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

As life progresses, different needs and life events unfold for all of us – and for this reason, we must prepare. Everyone should have goals specific to their investment plan – and these goals may be more aggressive and risk-tolerant for individuals when they are younger. However, keep in mind that it is just as important to grow your wealth at age 80 as it was to grow your wealth during those early years as an investor. Simply put, retirement doesn’t mean you can’t still be a good investor and continue to grow your wealth at any age!

Ensure financial balance and grow comfortably into each new phase of life with support and help from Royal Oak Financial Group and the Balanced Formula.

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Our team of respected legal professionals advocate for you and help determine the best plan.

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Rely on our trusted accountants to meet your goals and accommodate your specific financial circumstances.

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Understanding market volatility and its relationship to some investments

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Selecting the right assets to accommodate risk tolerance

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Timeline of future expected events

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How much to allocate to each asset

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Net Results

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Cash Flow

For basic needs and to live life fully

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Learning about the financial planning process/options

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Implementing and adapting the Balanced Formula

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