Is Opportunity Knocking?

Two Warren Buffett Stocks Fall Near Lowest Prices in a Year In a high market April 26, 2017 | An eight-year bull market has found many investors searching harder for underpriced securities, with First Eagle senior adviser Jean-Marie Eveillard telling GuruFocus recently, “There are few opportunities, but still there are… read more

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

Warren Buffett Explains Why He Doesn’t Use Twitter and Emails Buffett’s advice on delayed reaction April 22, 2017 I was re-watching the interview Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio) did with CNBC earlier this year and at the very end of the interview, I bumped into a few wonderful pieces of life… read more

Do Our Attitudes About Money Help or Hurt Us?

Money is an important part of life, it affects us in all areas of our lives either directly or indirectly. Money affects our relationships, our career choices, education and so on, but what is even more of importance is our attitude towards money. We may need to change them to… read more

Retirement Planning for Single Parents

Single parents have a lot to handle – not only do they act as the sole provider of care and emotional support, but they may also be the only financial provider for their children.Here are some of the retirement planning and invest(ment) strategies for single parents. It is a challenge –… read more

Could You Improve Your Personal Finances Today?

“Personal finance” refers to how you manage your cash and how you plan for your future.All of your financial decisions and activities have an effect on your financial health now and in the future.Here, we discuss some personal finance rules that can help get you on track to achieving specific… read more

End-of-the-Year Money Moves

As we near the end of the year, now is the time to assess what financial moves you should make before year end. There are a number of tax related decisions that could significantly reduce your tax liability for the current year. Beyond taxes, there are also some year end… read more

Your Year-End Financial Checklist

The month of December often whizzes by in a flurry of gift buying, cookie baking and snow shoveling. But the final month of the year is also a good time to get your finances in order and prepare for the new year. With that in mind, here’s a look at… read more