5 Issues with Common Investment Mindsets

October 02nd @ 9:18 am

Your investment mindset could be costing you money.

Everyone wants their investments to support their retirement planning goals. However, there are many different ways to manage your personal finances and a lot of opinions on what’s right or wrong. With huge life and societal changes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, what was right for you ten years ago may no longer support your lifestyle. Understanding the pitfalls associated with different investment mindsets can help. We discuss the most common mentalities and how you can shift your tendencies to be a more successful investor, in the article below.

Investment Mindsets: 5 Problems and How to Solve Them

While certain investing mindsets in Worthington, OH tend to be more profitable, there is no one size fits all answer. Variables such as long and short-term goals, comfort levels with market fluctuations, and an understanding of investments all come into play. These five mindsets tend to be dangerous for your long-term strategy.

1. Quick to Sell

Fear is one of the biggest threats to your investment strategy. Panic can lead to poor decision making and can push you to sell at an inopportune time. Doing so locks in your losses when, often, assets bounce back after the volatility settles. If you’re prone to worry when you see red, work on taking a step back and assessing the market as a whole.

2. Overconfident

While confidence is great, being overconfident in your investment knowledge can be problematic. Risk and return often correlate. This means that although your high-risk investments can generate high returns, they can crash just as fast. Ensure that your investment decisions are sound and that the risk is something you can tolerate. Additionally, make sure you’re seeking information from unbiased sources as you determine the right choice for you.

3. Risk Averse

The flip side of overconfidence doesn’t carry the same hazards, but can effectively stop you from growing your wealth. While it’s wise to keep your investments within your risk tolerance, it’s important to diversify your portfolio in accordance with your goals. Working with a professional can help you balance your financial plan for both appropriate risk and growth.

4. Short-Term or Unfocused

Another common tendency is to lose sight of your investment goals. Experts in the industry, friends, and family frequently share what they are doing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right investment advice for your strategy. If you’re focused on steady, long-term growth for decades, try not to fiddle with your portfolio. Alternatively, if you’re at or nearing retirement age, then volatility in the market may mean it’s time to take a firmer hand in your investments to protect them.

5. Hands Off

Last but not least, some simply don’t want to or think they can’t invest. Whether you’re worried that you don’t have enough money for investment success or you’re too busy to take stock of your financial plan, you’re missing out. You don’t need a ton of money to start investing, and trusted financial advisors will work with you to help you make better decisions for your future.

Addressing your investment strategy can be scary, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. Understanding where your mindset tends to fall can help you limit missteps and stay on track for your financial goals. If you’re not sure where to start or circumstances have changed your plans, consider reaching out to Royal Oak Financial Group. Our trusted fiduciaries have years of experience helping individuals in Worthington, OH reach their retirement goals. Get in touch today for personal service that takes your mindset and goals into account every step of the way.

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