Insurance Products, Individual

Life is full of risk and uncertainty – so don’t let a lack of personal insurance keep you from achieving your goals.

Royal Oak Financial Group can assist with all of your individual liability and property insurance needs. Our expert and dedicated staff will design a program with any number of plans to help safeguard your future, including property and liability insurance. We will analyze your current situation and then compare it with needs you may have in the future. We make personal insurance recommendations tailored to your individual and family situation now and also further down the road.

Some of the individual products we offer to safeguard your financial future against life’s uncertainties are:

Annuities… CNN Money defined an annuity as “an insurance product that pays out income and can be used as part of a retirement strategy. Annuities are a popular choice for investors who want to receive a steady income stream in retirement.” More detailed information is available online at CNN Annuities Basics.

Disability insurance… do not confuse this personal insurance product with the disability benefits administered through Social Security. Individual disability insurance is a policy that provides periodic payments of benefits to individuals unable to work or earn an income in their occupation because of accident or illness.

Health insurance… navigating the maze of health plans and coverage that exist for those who self-pay can be confusing. We offer a number of individual health insurance products to cover medical and surgical expenses with a wide range of deductibles, premiums, out of pocket costs and more.

Other personal insurance products

Life insurance… this gives the insured’s family a level of financial security upon his or her death. Our team can help determine the life insurance product right for you and your family. Some things to consider include the standard of living you want your survivors to have, medical costs and funeral expenses. Also to take in account when choosing the right policy are future costs of college tuition, mortgage and such.

Long-term care insurance… this can be one of the most confusing products to learn about. Since regulations vary by state and premiums are often costly – it’s important to know more about the cost of long-term care. Our trained staff will help you determine which personal insurance products are best for you and your family.

We are ready to meet your insurance needs! Contact the Royal Oak Financial Group to learn more about which personal insurance options are the best for you.

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