Business Insurance Needs & Benefits

Should your business get an “insurance needs” check-up? There are many personal, employee, and business insurance needs for business owners to think about. If your business has grown, the small business insurance coverage you had when you started the business may not be enough to meet your insurance needs now.

We have your business insurance needs covered!

The Royal Oak Financial Group will search providers to find the small business insurance products that meet your needs. Our staff will also analyze, recommend, and create a plan that works for your company.

Employee insurance products

Health care coverage…

The Affordable Care Act established criteria for health insurance based on a business’ size. The Small Business Association (SBA) is a great place to find information on an employer’s obligation to provide health insurance to employees. In addition, the SBA offers information on health insurance for employees, along with health insurance for sole proprietors.

We can help find the right healthcare products and other business insurance plans for you and your staff.

Disability, unemployment, and worker’s compensation…

Are you required to carry the business insurance products listed above? It depends on the size of your business, the state it’s in, and other parameters. The SBA offers information on these particular insurance products such as health insurance and general liability insurance requirements. Visit the State of Ohio Business agency to learn if your business is required to carry unemployment and/or worker’s compensation insurance in Ohio.

Looking to offer a 401k plan to employees? We can help design a 401k benefit that works well for the employees and company.

Business or general liability insurance

Do you need it or not? It depends on the type of business you have – a self-employed business writer may not need it – but healthcare providers should have it. Again, the SBA has some great information to help you learn more.

Whether you need product, professional liability, property, or general liability insurance – or a combination of all – we can find the plans that meet your small business insurance needs.

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